GN 615.1
Threaded bolt spring plungers
GN 615.1  - Threaded bolt spring plungers
GN 615.1  - Threaded bolt spring plungers
Standard ElementsMain dimensionsSpring pressureWeight
Descriptiondl ±0.1d1 -0.1l1Preload
Max. load
GN 615.1-M4-BM491.81.5*4.512.51
GN 615.1-M5-BM5122.42*5131
GN 615.1-M6-BM6142.72*6172
GN 615.1-M8-BM8163.82*16334
GN 615.1-M10-BM10194.52.5*19427
GN 615.1-M12-BM122263.5*225710
GN 615.1-M16-BM16248.54.5#387824
GN 615.1-M20-BM2030106.5#398143
GN 615.1-M24-BM2434138#7215570
GN 615.1-M6-BSM6142.72*11252
GN 615.1-M8-BSM8163.82*23594
GN 615.1-M10-BSM10194.52.5*20547
GN 615.1-M12-BSM122263.5*389610
GN 615.1-M16-BSM16248.54.5#5010024
GN 615.1-M20-BSM2030106.5#5213343
GN 615.1-M24-BSM2434138#9122370
* Tolerance +0.3/-0.4 # Tolerance ±0.3
Technical information

Threaded body

Black-oxide steel, screwdriver slotted head.

Bolt and spring

- Version B: hardened steel bolt, black-oxide steel spring with normal end-force.
- Version BS: zinc-plated steel bolt, black-oxide steel, housing with two longitudinal marks.

Special executions on request (For sufficient quantities)

- Execution B-MVK, BS-MVK: thread locking by means of micro-encapsulated red patch (see Technical Data). Working temperature: from -40°C to +170°C.
- Execution B-PFB, BS-PFB: thread locking by means of polyamide blue coating (see Technical Data). Working temperature: from -50°C to +90°C.

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